India Vs. China – Whos Better

In today’s BBC[04/11/2012] talk show “BOSTON Calling” they were talking about a BBC reporter visited China, at the time of Flood in China, Reporter visited a small village,where villages lost everything in flood, and when they came to know BBC reporters are there to make a documentary, Villages invited them for lunch, even Villages has nothing much to offer and their children were hungry still they prepared food for them with their last Chicken left. that shows their Friendliness and generosity.
India boast itself as a Land of milk and honey, where people don’t even get one time meal nor proper job.
It call itself as cradle of civilisation, when those who living and their condition is worst than any Civilized Society.
Its a Land of Chanikya, shushruta and Aryabata, but now its Lawless Police raj, Country of Brain drain and people cannot afford any medical facilities.
World was Blaming China for Human rights violation,Freedom of speech, Religion etc. but if you compare China and India, India stands nowhere….
Recently China punished well known politician [Gu Kailai/Bo Kailai] and his wife for murder of a Foreigner a British businessman;
China Built Railway to Tibet; once, it was assumed impossible.
They have Fastest’s Trains.
There are so many new Cities and Towns Chinese government created, but converting small villages into mega towns, which gave ample job opportunities and high living Standard.
All are equal under Chinese law, Man or women, Police or Politicians, read news about how politicians and government officials punished for corruption and ignoring their duties and even in Tainted milk and food etc.
Chinese bag Olympic Gold’s in dozens and Challenge so called sports super Powers USA/Germany/Russia/UK.
Chinese voice has weight in UNO, they not only have veto power, when they say NO means NO. not even Super power Challenge their word.(Eg: Chinese stand on Iran/Syria)
No need to say Chinese food stalls in every corner of the world, even in India’s smallest villages.
Chinese Goods/Products are sold Everywhere which they can produce in 10 rupees India cannot make in 100Rupees.
Chinese CCTV produce news and media in 7 different languages, and offer FREE service which is threat to BBC/CNN/CNBC etc.
Chinse wine compete with World renowned wine maker and countries like France/Germany/Spain/USA/Australia with its quality Wines.
Don’t praise China Too much, India also has….. one Feminists grumbled.
What India has…..?
India is Democratic Country where Politicians buy vote for a Bottle of liquor or small bag of Rice, recently they started to offer TV,cycle and Laptop too.
By the People but not for the People, Politicians get Wholesale license to make money, every politicians turn Billionier within few months after election.
Corruption is Everywhere, and Indian Government is not ready to make stronger laws or bring them under it, Like Lokpal.
At least 1%(Black Money) of GDP deposited in foreign Banks but Politicians and Government officials when their monthly take home is less than 50,000 Rupees.
India is Land of Scam’s by Politicians.
People are killed in encounter terming them Terrorists/Naxalistes/Maoist.
Politicians can make laws without proper procedures, as they wanted.
Laws are only made for Politicians/Rich and Women.
Dogs and Animals have ministry but Men don’t.
Men’s rights Violation is not a Crime, because they don’t have Rights or Human Rights.
Women can file False case like, dowry case, Domestic Violence,Rape etc on men even she has not seen them, and burden of proof lies on Innocent men.
In broad day light, women can slap a Man, and no Punishment but if man slap a women for her mistake, he will be Charged for outraging her modesty or even Rape.
Indian government built building and bridges collapse even before it Finish when British built building still Standing for more than 100 years.
Foreigners rule India for last 400 years.
Search Goggle for the Word “Richest Politicians” you will find name “SONIA GANDHI“. why ? from where that much money came from…. Boforce…!
Politicians can dictate people what to eat and what not but they don’t feed them.
Temples are built for Politicians and Film Stars.
Out of Billion People only a Single person able to get a Olympic Gold so far.
India Play only 2 Games one is Cricket and another on BED and make Billion plus People.
In Foreign countries Indians are Branded as curry munchers, and in middle east they say Indian masala Stinks. Other than Indian and few foreigners only munch curries and Indian Food.
In Middle east Indians are termed as ABCD (Aya/Butler/cook and Driver); Indians are harassed, Tortured and killed but if you go to embassy and report it, they says “Who told you come here ?”
Indians do better in foriegn countries not because of their ability but because of the country(Enviornment/Laws/Rules and support) they reside.
this List is very long to write here. now you decide whos better.

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