Request to follow Article 14 of Constitution of India

Chief Justice of India                                                                                                                              15/08/2021
Supreme Court of India
Tilak Marg, Mandi House, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India

Wish you a very good day Sir

Request to follow Article 14 of Constitution of India

     I wish to introduce myself as a member of MyNation Hope Foundation, a self-funded organisation based in New Delhi India that has been working tirelessly for the welfare of Men and their Families for more than two decades.

It is very sad to note that men in India have been falling prey to a “pandemic” graver than Covid- 19, and it is killing more than 1, 00,000 men every year. This Pandemic is the outcome of LEGAL TERRORISM, False accusation of Dowry, Domestic violence, Rape, outraging modesty, POCSO and Sexual harassment by women, as acquittal rate in these crimes is more than 85% over the last 2 decades as per NCRB data. But neither the government nor the judicial system has taken any constructive steps to provide relief to men or address these issues and take to task the abusers of the system.

I reach out to share a study recently completed by MyNation Hope Foundation (URL Links to full article attached) In the article STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST MEN ( Ref : and  ) Cover 214 husband murders by wife in last 6 month of 2021 and another 101 murders in last 6 months of 2020 are listed here we pose a question to law makers how many men murdered their wives?
Please refer or which list hundreds of Innocent children murdered by mothers or women. Still child custody is given to mothers by default.

The National Health survey 2019 raises alarm over the increasing numbers of suicide deaths to 1, 39,123 in a year. Of the 1, 39,123 people who killed themselves, 97,613 were men as against 41,510 women, thus nearly 70.1 % of all the suicide deaths in India are by men. NCRB reported that Family problems and related issues were behind 32.4 percent of suicides, marriage related problems (5.5%), 70.2 were male and 29.8 females for every 100 suicide deaths. (Ref:  )

India is the only country in the world where just on the basis of a verbal statement by a woman, entire family of husband is put behind bars. But later over 85% are acquitted as per NCRB data in Domestic Violence or Dowry related cases. All because of gender biased one sided matrimonial laws and support of Police, Judges and legal system for women.

Article 14 of the Constitution of India which says ‘All are equal in the eyes of law’ but in India the legal and judicial system reverse logic is applied especially in matrimonial cases i.e. guilty until proven innocent.

May I request your earnest attention and reference, and to take all actions possible in your capacity and authority to address this genocide and alleviate at least some of the challenges covered in the study.

With this we make a Prayer, Please Issue circular or Directions as below.
a) To protect rights of Child, no Parent is separated from child. Without any court interference, both parents should have visitation rights by just informing the Police. Child should not be used to harass other parent or make money in the name of the Child.
b) Accountability of all concerned at each stage
 i) Investigating officer, for no or biased investigation and acting as the mouthpiece of the complainant, filing of chargesheet without proofs or ignoring evidence in order to justify the FIR.
 ii) State prosecution officer – for ignoring the facts contained in the chargesheet and pressing for trial without justification.
 iii) Lawyers – for misguiding parties and misleading the courts in breach of their oath as officers of the court.
 iv) Judicial officers- Judges should apply their mind prolonging matters unnecessarily, forcing the accused to settle the matter and all Judgments should be based on Evidence. If a higher court sets aside the same judgment then there should be accountability of the Judges.
c) Compensation for false prosecution. Determined by the number of years spent facing cases from registration of FIR to final acquittal or discharge with disciplinary action against the police and state prosecution.
d) Every False complaint should be followed by 182 IPC. – Nowadays Women view marriage as a business by misusing laws to harass and to extort money as maintenance. Alimony or financial support quantified based on duration of marriage amongst other factors, if marriage is less than 3 years duration then in line with Prime Minister Initiative of Atma Nirbhar only if Domestic Violence / Dowry demand established or other cases proved.
e) Direction to BAR council, to take action and suspend lawyers who violate lawyer Act as most of the lawyers once paid in full, blackmail for more money, without appearing. Without giving NOC, sharing information to other party etc.

For more details prayers listed here

Many Thanks and Best Regards.
MyNation Hope Foundation (place name) Address

CC: CJI – Supreme Court of India
CJM – HC @ All states of India.
Governors @ All states of India.
Law Ministry
DCP/DIG @ All states of India.

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