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Pay Rs. 50,000 maintenance, Who goes to Dubai for earning Rs. 36,000/-, come back to India you may earn more

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Recently there was a Judgment by Supreme Court hearing counsel over reduction on maintenance to women of Rs. 50,000 stating husband is a Security guard in Dubai and only earns Rs 36,000/ month.

In reply to this Judge Said.
Who goes to Dubai for earning Rs. 36,000/-, come back to India you may earn more. You'll have to pay Rs. 50,000/.

We checked with many manpower contracting companies and we found there are jobs available from 20,000 to 50,000 depends on years experience.

Other than Security guard jobs there are 8.5 Million working in middle east out of 8.5 most of them are non technical who work as house maids / Labourer / Cleaners and Tea boys who earn only 10 to 15,000 per month.

As a Proof we found online Advertisement too


Security Guard Jobs in Dubai UAE
Required Security Staff for Dubai (UAE)
Security Guards (SIRA/DPS)
Salary: 1800 AED (Rs.36,000 INR) + Free Accommodation, Transportation, Medical, Insurance other benefits as per UAE Labor Law

Terms & Conditions:
Age: 21-35 Years
Direct Selection for candidates having SIRA/DPS License

Documents Required: Updated CV, Scan Passport, Photograph, SIRA/DPS License copy

Contact Details:
Contramentors Services Pvt. Ltd.
Phone: 8826149730 | 7017444458


In Indian court Women appeasement is so much that Judges, without verifying any claim and order to pay more maintenance than what man is earning.

This is not only shows biased Judgments, Women appeasement but IQ of a Indian Supreme court Judge.

If Women claim anything, no judge is question them, nor they have capacity to do so. Instead asking Women who is capable to earn herself and live in dignity these judges promoting feminists demands, many times marriage is lasted few days also men are forced to pay huge amount.


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Dear security guards in Dubai, it's time for you to comeback to Delhi, and file applications for job as security guard in Delhi as security guard with him, he will pay minimum 2 lakhs, with free wifi, car, boarding, lodging, electricity, mobile bill, 

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These courts, judges, police, lawyars are working as agents of fake Feminists. Dont know when will govt take any action to change these biased laws.  Justice Chandrachud - when you know that a security guard can earn more than 50 k in India please talk to govt and arrange jobs for these people who leave their family and live in a complete strange place or check the actual unemployment index, for God's sake. Stop being biased and stop feeding women's ego for whom only money matters 

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To pay 50,000 he should earn 1.5 Lakhs, he is ready to come back to India, can you find a Security guard job which pays 1.5 Lakhs so he can follow biased Judgment.

its time to improve your IQ, right now its totally ZERO

we know many incapable judges become Supreme court Judges by Licking his Political masters boots. because there is nexus between both. If Judge goes against Politicians, Politicians knows how to trap a Judge by filing FAKE sexual harassment case.

but with this judgment we would like to send you some Bangles. Please let us know where to send. unless you withdraw this Judgment, its shame on India Judiciary which has ZERO IQ judge

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ZERO IQ Judge rightly said.

Common man has better IQ and worldly knowledge than these judges.

i can imagine pathetic situation of Judiciary of India with these judges,

before commenting he should have Googled it


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