99 Grounds for Divorce for Men

These are various Ground where husband can seek divorce along with other Valid reasons, as defined by Law.- CLICK HERE

1. Abusive language by wife
2. Abusive language by FIL family supported by wife.
3. Allegations adulterous relation with friends and colleagues.
4. Allegations and not proved on point 3.
5. Allegations adultery with Mother/Sister/SIL
6. Above Allegations if not proved.
7. Adultery by wife
8. Wife threat to commit suicide.
9. Attempt to suicide.
10. Threat of suicide and charge Husband family with False Allegations of abetting.
11. False allegations of second/other marriage.
12. Threat of arrest and confinement of entire family members in a false case resulting in loss and reputation of family members in society.
13. Baseless and unscrupulous allegations on husband society or office.
14. Beating and threatening family members of husband by wife or her family members in her presence.
15. Abnormal behavior, Atrocious allegation, continued and unreasonable behavior, unwelcoming attitude of wife and her Family.
16. Extramarital Affair.
17. Hide Premarital Affair and continue after marriage.
18. Calling husband and his family members a lunatics/Mental/Psycho.
19. Wife calling husband, BUTCHER, BASTARD, KAFAR, etc.
20. Neglect of husband.
21. Neglect Child care.
22. False and serious character allegation of husband.
23. Wife calling husband a cheap mentality, dirty person, Narrow minded, etc. .
24. Cheating and criminal breach of trust.
25. Non consummation of marriage.
26. False criminal complaint filed by wife against husband and his family members like 498, DV, etc.
27. Criminal case by wife after divorce petition.
28. Filing a number of criminal and civil cases.
29. Refusal to sexual intercourse.
30. Use of physical violence.
31. Abortion without husband knowledge
32. False allegations for demand of Dowry against husband and his family members.
33. False claim by wife at dowry cell.
34. Desertion without reasons.
35. Spoiling husband name, in Society and neighborhood
36. Insult or not talking Friends and husband family when they visit home.
37. Visiting husband work place and create scenes.
38. False complain to Husband Manager or work Place
39. Fighting, cursing, Grumbling and arguing
40. Force husband to separate from joint family.
41. Force husband to buy other new house.
42. Comparing with other men and insulting.
43. Not attending funeral ceremony or important functions of husband Family.
44. Allegations against husband for gambler and drunkard.
55. Beating.
56. Not serving food or serve cold or leftover food.
57. False allegations of harassing Daughter.
58. Allegations of impotence and Name calling.
59. Incestuous relations.
60. Not opening door when husband come home from Work.
61. Allegations not proved on IRBM.
62. Leaving matrimonial home/ husband home without telling.
63. Mental cruelty.
64. Mental disorders.
65. Wife misbehaving husband in public places
66. Hiding past Medical conditions and treatments
67. Accusation of Rape after Normal sex
68. Nagging, Humiliating, Mimicking.
69. Taunting, Calling useless person.
70. Fill children mind against Father.
71. Tell children to beat Father.
72. Train/Brainwash children against father
72. False allegations against husband of sexual misconduct, bigamy, fathering illegitimate children, etc.
73. Refusal to cook food.
74. Running away with another.
75. Spend night out without husband knowledge
76. Torture and harassment.
77. Sending insulting Emails/SMS/Whatsapp messages.
78. Sending insulting Emails/SMS/Whatsapp messages to Workplace and friends.
79. Removing of mangalsutra.
80. Spending too much time on FB/whatsapp and Neglecting Husband/his old parents/Child
81. Threats by FIL/BIL
82. Demanding money/Gold beyond husband capacity.
83. Cooking Food deliberately for which husband is allergic.
84. Not allowing husband to take children to his parents and Family
85. Allegations of womanizer.
86. Spending lavishly.
87. Taking husband money to give it her Family.
88. Force husband to buy gold and things to her Family.
89. Accusation of Abnormal sex.
90. Beating old parents or not serving proper food.
91. Treating In-laws with in-humane way.
92. Stealing and blame it on husband family.
93. Wasting food and breaking other things deliberately.
94. Cursing and saying waiting husband to die.
95. Telling lies and make husband to fight with his Family.
96. Emotional blackmail.
97. Taking away children from Father.
98. Mix slow poison in husband food/make him ill or upset stomach.
99. Stopping husband from visiting his old parents and Family

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