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Indian Women - Empowered to kill Men

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There was a time when women were obedient to husband when they have no money in their hand, which feminists called Women were submissive. Even Women were look obedient but most of the household control was in their hand as says goes Man is the Boss of the house and he has his wife permission to say so.

Marriage is not about who is boss and who has to control what. marriage is like two wheels of one cart but should go together hand in hand but today's Feminists teach them dominate over men, they do not want to be so called subordinate. and ready to break marriage on minor issue too, it is not only Feminists support but women are empowered now to take lead, she gets society and her family support when she divorces, it is not taboo anymore.

All this start at early stage of Women life, todays Girls are allowed to go out at night, no one question them even she is found with strangers or drinking publicly, pre-marital sex is common, still Indian law makers and judiciary think Indian Women will not have sex before marriage or unless there is promise of marriage.

All this encourage women, they are ready to do anything, they do not care what society think about them, because they hit the jackpot if she divorced, even she was caught red-handed by husband with lovers.

It is the Law makers who make biased laws, it is the judiciary who support and give judgments in favor of them, it is the WCD/NCW who promote LEGAL TERRORISM and encourage women to file false cases, it is you and me who think Women is a Victim even she killed her Man.

There are 2 articles, if you read you will understand, to what extent appeasement of Women and Promotion of Legal terrorism reached



Still Government of India, Politicians, Law makers, Judges, Society, Common man think Indian women is ABLA. a Victim. its like wolf in a sheeps skin

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