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77% of Indian Married Women cheat on their husband - WHO IS RESPONSIBLE?

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According to a survey conducted by Gleeden, an extra-marital dating app for married people, the number of people looking for a third party has increased. The app now has over 600,000 users aging between 34-49 years shows 77% Indian married women cheat due to boredom; 45% increase in same-sex encounters among married people.

Feminists and Indian Legal System blame it on Men, because with this excuse when marriage break, Women can take away half of husband fortune, same is supported by Indian Judiciary, who want to show them self as saviors of women, Politicians who can use women as Vote bank making favorable laws to them and Ministry of Women and Child Development, National Commission for Women who promote and support adultery can claim stopping women having affair cruelty, that can be used to get more Funds from Government.

In September 2018, the apex court had declared Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) – that makes adultery a punishable offence only for men, so to give women free hand and they can bring her lover home and sleep in front of husband but he cannt do anything.


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Absolute travesty of justice. What sane person thinks tilting judiciary in favor of women is justice. These milords are supposed to be upholders of justice but what they do is playing to the gallery. Shame.

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Women favouring laws are resulting into breaking family systems in India. Women are murdering their husbands to continue their extra marital affairs. Filing fake complaints of domestic violance, dowry harrassment etc to get the free money from husbands hard earned money and enjoy their adulterous life.

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Not only married women but unmarried girls too have had multiple partners but at the time of marriage they present them

self as SATI SAVITRIs.

Recently Justice Subodh Abhyankar of Indore Bench Madhya Pradesh said in one of his judgment

Indian unmarried girls don't indulge in pre marital sex but truth is not only now far back in 1988 there were Indian Women dare to not only Indulge in sex but get Pregnant and delivered child too.

then Feminists hailed that its a breaking taboo, conservative society bla bla.....

and some other Judges claimed its Husband fault if women stray, its his duty to keep her happy. bla bla...

all this prove one thing.

Indian Women want a Husband, and she is not happy with one man, she want free hand to sleep with many.

all this because of Government/Judiciary support and WCD/NCW promotion.

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