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Why Indian Men need Ministry, Purush Ayog, National Commission for Men ?

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Who Promote Divide and hatred against men? Why Indian Men need Ministry ?

I learned about the bias and the inequality emerged from pure favoritism of some men who are in power who are influenced by few events and publicity. But what I clearly see is that both men and women are victims of the feminist society we live in. The sooner we see that the better before it's too late.

As Women were not physically capable to do many things and fragile, so they stayed at home doing house work look after children and men treated them well and most of the control of household matter was in women hand, even keys of family locker. But some sadists divorced feminist were allergic to see happily married women and they started to cry, and started to influence the society. They started to show and portrait All women are victims Men.

When man went out to earn livelihood for the family, women were at home but feminists termed it as women were locked inside the house they are not allowed to go out their own. Women were forced to keep childbearing. Their contribution was forced to be confined within the premises of a household for centuries. Men made social taboos like chain around their ankle was never longer than the threshold of the house to stop women from going out. This is how feminists twisted noble cause of being Wife and mother.

Then came media, Radio, TV and movies, as most of the women at home are the viewers, so to watch TV serial and movies made for women showing stories of women, because of rise of feminism they started show women as victim of men to get more viewers, and with mother, children also started watch these kind of T.V serial and movies grown up thinking women are victim. when men are struggling and working hard to keep his family happy, pay all bills and give wife and children better future women started to revolt against husband/brother/father. and also started to brainwash children.

Even today at the time of social media era, most of the social media and publication publish anything and everything about women, few crimes against women in front page or air at the time of prime time repeatedly but Crimes by Women hardly published anywhere.

Then came Politicians, when women are granted voting rights, to get their votes, Politicians started to make laws favor of women only and no man is objected because every man was having wife and daughter. And did not demanded anything for them.

Indian Constitution was mostly written by men, long back in 1949, even then they gave Women special place and rights Article 14 of the Constitution of India reads as under: “The State shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India.” However, this Article does not prevent the State from making any special provisions for women or children.

The statement by Maneka Gandhi, Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development in which she said that "all the violence is male-generated. We have introduced (the concept of) 'Gender Champions' in schools, under which boys who have been respectful and helpful to girls will be rewarded". This is yet another hatred message towards men calling all men are violent and commit crime.

A few years ago, the Women minister Renuka Chowdhary had given a statement, "It's time for men to suffer."

"In our society, we haven't reached the point where men have needed protection from women. If there comes a time that women have an upper hand, then we will come to amending the laws. I am not saying that there is no misuse. But, this cannot be a ground to throw out the law. We can do as much as we can to nip the misuse at the bud. However, there is no denying that the power structure is in favor of men." Justice Hima Kohli said in one of her Judgment.


Men are asking to make laws gender equal when Women and feminists demand to make laws in favor of them only.

Men need ministry because there is wide spread misuse of women centric laws and to stop all these fake promotion and Legal terrorism.

Men need ministry to question the Public figure and public servant who call all Men are criminals and it's their time to suffer.

Men need ministry to check on judges who promote legal terrorism favoring only women and say time has not come to fix the loopholes in laws which are used to harass men.

To Question Politicians Why only BETI BACHAO, Why Not BETA BACHAO ?

To question Media Why only #MeToo why not #MenToo ?

Constitution of India says all are equal in the Eyes of law, if so why only women has ministry why not Men too?

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We all are in need of men commission as sisters and mothers of husbands are not treated as women by police, NCW or Human Rights Commission. For them only DIL has suffered, why because she is saying so. No evidence is asked. We all need an equal platform for MEN suffering from false cases by so called feminists.

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A most needed commission in today's anti-men age

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Men are also human being, when most women raise above their equal rights, men are being deprived of their basic rights. It is in high demand for men to open up and understand their physiological issues due to women centric society. It is time for government to understand that women rights doesn’t not mean taking away basic human rights of men. Indian society is moving towards from joint family system to nuclear to single by choice. It is high time to remove the women and child development ministry and make human and family development ministry and also form an men’s commission.

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surely we need men commission so that Lucknow girl types lady thinks twice before such disrespectful action by themselves. men have too emotions

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