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Why Indian Men need Ministry, Purush Ayog, National Commission for Men ?

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and that is suppressed, Denied and Violated

Constitution of India Guarantee you equal Rights but Politicians and law makers violating it to appease Women.

Those who violating should be Charged, and you have right to take law into your hand and do JUSTICE.

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It's very clear even for the Police officers and judges that most of the womens file fake cases and spoiling the lives of men. 

MENS definitely need a ministry and body to protect them. 

Atleast, after the cases are proved as False, there should be a STRICT action taken on complainer.

Don't you feel that fake complainer is not only spoiling the men's life, also they waste Government time and fooling police, Court, judiciary?

What is the preventive measure for these fake allegations. 

Law is framed to protect innocent womens but when you are aware that is misused, why is it left unnoticed and gender biased?!

  • Please take appropriate actions on those who file false cases, so that None will have guts to cheat government and innocent sons. 
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No one is there to support man. He is getting harassed in all possible ways. There is absolutely no remedy for men.

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