WebSites of Indian Courts

  • LAW COMMISSION OF INDIA                                                     
  • SUPREME COURT OF INDIA                                                   
  • BOMBAY HIGH COURT                                                 
  • HIGH COURT OF BOMBAY AT GOA                             
  • DISTRICT COURT, MAHARASHTRA                             
  • HIGH COURT OF ANDHRA PARDESH                                   
  • ALLAHABAD HIGH COURT                                           
  • CALCUTTA HIGH COURT                                                          
  • CHHATTISGARTH HIGH COURT                                   
  • DELHI HIGH COURT                                                     
  • HIGH COURT OF GUJRAT                                                         
  • GAUHATI HIGH COURT                                                             
  • HIMACHAL PRADESH HIGH COURT                                      
  • JAMMU AND KASHMIR HIGH COURT                           
  • JHAKHAND HIGH COURT                                                          
  • KERALA HIGH COURT                                                  
  • MADHYA PRADESH HIGH COURT                                         
  • MADRAS HIGH COURT                                                 
  • ORISSA HIGH COURT                                                                 
  • PATNA HIGH COURT                                                    
  • PUNJAB AND HARYANA HIGH COURT                                  
  • RAJASTHAN HIGH COURT                                            
  • SIKKIM HIGH COURT                                                                   

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