Scrap WCD, Ministry of Women & Child Development

Recently Mrs.Maneka Gandhi of Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India was on FACEBOOK A Public domain, answering questions of Public.
When Maneka took to the social network platform to interact with citizens, questions from those who identified themselves as fathers, mothers of sons, divorced men, husbands fighting false dowry cases and rights activists came flooding in.
Most of the questions about False cases like 498A, Domestic Violence and biased judgments against men and no support for Mother-in-Laws, Sister-in-laws against Daughter-in-laws and her false cases against them.
Out of all Questions and Answer one Answer shows what Ministry of Women & Child Development shows all about.
When Minister was asked about Boy child, Minister Mrs.Maneka Gandhi says, Boys issues will not comes under her.
Here is the exact question and her Answer.
 photo wcd_zpsaqna2kfv.jpg
BJP Govt is working day and night to make ANTI MALE laws to destroy families; This M Gang (Modi and Maneka) are after Women only; even Modi made Women as Vote Bank Political issue by saying Beti Bachao, Beti Padao, ignoring boy child.
Now its Open and Public after Maneka Gandhis above statement, If Boy child is not coming under her then her ministry should change name as
Ministry of Women & Girl Child Development or Scrap this Gender biased useless Feminists ministry and make one For Family.
Ministry of Family & Childern Development or Ministry of Men & Boy Child Development

One thought on “Scrap WCD, Ministry of Women & Child Development

  1. Honorable PM Mr.Modi and Smt. Maneka Gandhi
    It is true that women are biggest vote bank and like Congress, it is bad luck of our nation, BJP under you are also for this vote bank. As a senior citizen my hand bound request is that please do not play with the future of our nation by playing with the future of children of the nation. If to do all this is your compulsion then make a separate ministry for children so that the lives and future of children remain safe to some extent. To day no organisation is serious to attend to the problems of children simply because they are not vote bank and no politician is interested in any thing that is not for votes. Despite plethora of laws it is a common sight children can be seen begging on traffic lights all over India and all political, administrative and bureaucratic authorities just pass through them without noticing. I would not hesitate in calling it rape of childhood of the nation. Mind it such traffic lights come your ways also.

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