WCD/NCW Vs. MyNation

WCD / NCW Vs. MyNation Legal

WCD/NCW MyNation
Sponsored by Govt of India None
Funded by Govt of India None
Yearly Funds 500 Crore or More Rs.0
Help Line #HelpMeWCD #HelpMeMyNation
Other Help Lines Onsite / Email WhatsApp / Email / Phone
Response time 2 weeks 2 Minutes or less
Fee 1000 Rs FREE
Motive Make money by harassing Men Save Marriage
Goal Break Family Happy Family
Promote Kick out old Parents Family Union
Support To File False cases Equality and justice
Who can get Help Only Daughter in Law Anyone
Achievements Legal Terrorism Save from Suicide
Time spent on each case Limited No Limit
Attitude Abusive / threatening Brotherly
Purpose Make more False statistics Social Service

3 thoughts on “WCD/NCW Vs. MyNation

  1. Mynation is the platform serving mankind in true spirit and saving hundreds of life’s .

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