RTI SAMPLE to question litigant rights

Public information officer,
Chief Judicial Magistrate Courts,


Subject: Request to information under RTI act 2005

Please provide me certified copy of the information about :
1. Reason for not putting directions to important rooms, on a display board on ground floor near entrance.
2. Reason for not putting nameplate for ‘Public information officer’, ‘Citizens/litigants help desk’, etc outside the rooms in corridor.
3. Any law/ rule/ circular prohibiting litigant from speaking during his/her hearing.
4. Reason behind bench clerks not allowing litigant to speak during his/her hearing.
5. Reason behind court staff rudely treating litigants.

Information sought is not restricted under section 8 & 9 of the Act.
Fee of Rs _ _ /- is paid through postal order _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
Preferred medium of information: Digital/scanned/e-mail. Else paper.
Period sought: April 2015 till date. (Currently applicable)

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