RTI – Getting Details from Railways

As N arrated by Mr.Vishal Indurkhya

Case Brief – Mr. Nitin Dixit had filed a RTI to know his brother in law’s (Elder brother of his 498-A wife) working details in Railways. Since his brother-in-law himself is a law officer (with 10 years of experience as legal advisor) and his father in law is practicing in High Court of Madhya Pradesh for last 35 years, thus due to this pressure CPIO denied on the RTI application. The FAA in due course also rejected the first appeal. Matter went in for Second Appeal in CIC – New Delhi.

The hearing in the bench of Mrs. Annapoorna Dixit, Information Commissioner, was scheduled today afternoon through Video Conferencing. Since Nitin also had a date in Family Court for case u/s 125 Cr.P.C. thus he authorized myself to contest his case on his behalf.

“today was the first time when I represented someone else in a formal court / quasi judicial forum like this one. It was really a nice experience to cherish. With a huge battery of lawyers representing the case from Railways i.e. our opponent’s end, with keen persistence & determination to win, I somehow was able to convince the honorable bench to provide us the vital information. The CIC ordered the CPIO to provide information on ALL POINTS as requested in original RTI application.” He said

The Below mentioned CIC Decision Copy can be located at –

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