WOMEN ONLY RESERVE – Only Solution for Feminists all Problems

Feminists do not have capacity to make anything their own, that’s why always play Victim card to get everything, even they get everything they are not happy; only solution for their all problem, not making Equality Law or Reservation for them but creating WOMEN ONLY RESERVE.
Everything in this world is called MAN-MADE, because everything from needle, Super computers, and Rocket to Titanic built by Men, not by Women, that’s why none is called Women Made. Men fought War for Women, civilizations lost, Countries and Kingdoms lost because of Women. so as they wish to rule as per their wish and capacity it is better give them a WOMEN ONLY RESERVE, a No-man’s barren Land on the border of most violent neighbor country, let them fight and secure their own borders, let them build their own cities, roads, bridges, dams and buildings, as most of the cities, Town, Roads, bridges, laws and Constitutions made by Men only, let not allow them to use what man has built.
Earlier to my same message one Feminists Commented sarcastically saying, We make Men, they born out of us, We gave birth to Men. I replied where I denied, off course you made it with men Supports, without men you cannot do anything.
We know there are such Feminists, that’s why we request every government to create a Reserve only for Women, Let them enjoy their Freedom, make their own laws and rules for them and Let not allow them to use the things made by Men. Let them call their Drainage Hole as Women Hole instead Manhole we have no objection, We Men with love Built Taj Mahal for them, We sent them to Space on Men made Rockets, Made laws and rules to Protect them, when they are allergic to all Men made things then there is no option left than make a WOMEN ONLY RESERVE.


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