Indian Men should file for Divorce or Not?

Marriage is precious and auspicious in everyone’s life and we don’t entertain divorce. If things are maintainable always try to reconcile and get things sorted out amicably.

  1. Most of MEN file for Divorce under Cruelty / Adultery / Desertion which is not easy to prove and takes 3 to 5 years
  2. False 498A/DV itself is CRUELTY but you will get divorce only when you prove it as a FALSE CASE
  3. Your Divorce petition is likely to be DISMISSED as a matter of women’s life
  4. Even if you prove it as FALSE CASE / ADULTERY / DESERTION, you will end up in paying huge ALIMONY
  5. The moment you file, she will get transferred to her place
  6. She will start to harass further not appearing dates to bring you to negotiable table
  7. Let OP know that you’re tough, not desperate and won’t give divorce
  8. No matter what, take a firm stand that you want to continue marital life
  9. If she really wants DIVORCE let her file which will then dispose-of soon
  10. Eventually you also get chances of settlement with zero alimony

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