HOW TO WRITE RTI – Right to Information

This is written for layman, with simple words, without using any legal terms, referring any clause or section for common man.

Many are asking repeatedly, how to write correct RTI? And without knowing, they are asking, starting with a question,


Please note, RTI is not a question and answer law, its about getting DATA/DETAILS/STATISTICS AND STATUS.

For example, if you want to know some statistics/status and details of a person in a group/school/office etc. do not ask Mr/Mrs.XXXX was in the School/Office, which authority can deny quoting, THIRD PARTY or PERSONAL DETAIL.
Instead you can ask

Please provide me the count of total number of people attended and their names on 31/02/1947
Certified copies of the details of all the persons attended, total count and Names.

also note, all Private organisations/Institutes are not coming under RTI, check this before you send any RTI.

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