Delhi Police Guidelines for Arrest/Bail Application under Section 406/498a IPC


Sub: Guidelines to be strictly followd by the SHO/IOs in a bail application for the grant of anticipatory bail relating to under section 406/498a IPC.

The second para of Circular No. 48/2011 issued vide this Hdqrs. No.5201-5300/RB/PHQ dated 17/10/2011, may kindly be read as under:-

” Henceforth, all SHO/IOs investigating the cases under Section 406/498a IPC will clearly indicate in the Report/Status Repor required to be filled in response to the Bail Application under Section 406/498a IPC before the Hon’ble Court that approval of the DCP concerned to make arrests of collateral accuses such as father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law or sister-in-law etc. has been obtained/not obtained, as prescribed in Standing Order No. 330/2008 issued vide No. 301-600/HAR(PHQ)/AC-1 dated 08/10/2008″

The earlier second para contained in the Circular No. 48/2011 issued vide No.5201-5300/RB/PHQ dated 17/10/2011 is hereby withdrawn.

(Mangesh Kashyap)
Dy. Commissioner of Police,
HDQRS, Delhi

No. 5901-6000/Record Branch/PHQ, dated Delhi the 14/12/2011

Copy forwarded for information and necesary action to the:-

1. All Special Commissioner fo Police Delhi,
2. All Joint Commissioners of Police, Delhi
3. All Addl. CPs of Police including Principal/PTC, Delhi
4. All DCPs of Districts/Units, Including FRRO, Delhi/New Delhi
5. SO to CP Delhi
6. ACsP/HQ(p),[G],[CB], C&T], Research Cesll and IT Center, PHQ
7. FA and LA to CP, Delhi
8. Public Relation Officer, Delhi Police.

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