Complain to BAR Council Against a Lawyer

BAR Council Address :

The  Secretary,
Bar Council of India,
21, Rouse Avenue, Institutional Area,
New Delhi – 110002
Phones: 23231647, 23231648 (Off), 22918636 (Res)
Fax: 91-011-23231767

Please follow the following steps.

1. File your complaint with Bar Council (proforma below).
2. Follow up letters every week.
3. File a GD with the local P.S. where the crime occurred.
4. Initiate a criminal case against him, with assault, conspiracy with your In-Laws, et al.
5. NCR is not enough.
6 Ask for compensation and money back that you paid to your lawyer over the time/years.
7. Defend yourself against countercharges from your assailant. In order to win the case, he may need to paint you in a negative or harmful light. Ready yourself for that, both in terms of your case and in terms of the emotional impact it may have on you.
8. Consult the Rules of Civil Procedure for your area. They will explain the steps for filing suit and the forms you must fill out in order to proceed.

Bar Council of India Useful Links :

1. Rules on standards of professional

2. CONDUCT OF ADVOCATES (including Punishment of advocates for misconduct)

3. DISCIPLINARY PROCEEDINGS, COMPLAINTS, REVISIONS, REVIEWS etc (Complaints against Advocates and Procedure to be followed by Disciplinary Committees of the State Bar Council and the Bar Council of India)



TO: [fill in appropriate governing body]
[fill in appropriate address]
City, State, ZIP

RE: Ethics Violations By [name of attorney]

I hereby lodge an official complaint against [name of attorney] who is licensed in the State of [name of State], and is therefore subject to the [name of State] Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

Nature of the complaint:

[name of attorney] engaged in unethical behavior as detailed below:

[Detail the nature of the complaint. Be succinct and factual, do not enagage in any sarcasm or remarks of a personal nature. Offer to provide documentation or other proof upon request. You should also cite or paste in a copy of the specific guidelines that have been violated, or you can include it below.]

Date of Violation:___________________
Date Violation Discovered if different from above:________________

Other Relevant Information:

[Detail any other relevant information or event(s) here. This is a good place to cite or paste in a copy of the specific guidelines that have been violated, or you can include it above. Delete this section if your complaint is fully explained in the section above.]

I am sure the [name of governing body] will find this issue worthy of investigation, and I look forward to hearing from you as to the disposition of this matter. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require additional information or have any questions.

Yours Truly,

[Your Name]
[Phone number]

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