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[Solved] PWDVA - the worst law there could be?

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It is important to understand why Lady Justice is blindfolded. It's supposed to represent that no matter who does the act, the act itself will be judged to be right or wrong. And that’s how its supposed to be about domestic violence as well. Not making it specific about the gender, race, class, etc. of the accused will act as an effective deterrent. Whichever gender (men or women) does more DV, they should be punished more. But in India DV act only allowed for women, and this makes it tailor-made to be abused by women.

PWDVA is probably the worst law there could be for many reasons. some of them are listed below:

1. Reasons they don’t allow men to be petitioners - men will misuse therefore men should not have the right. But when it is pointed out that women misuse this law they argue "maybe some women misuse but that does not mean they should not have the right" - absurd hypocrisy.

2. Reason they did not let women be respondents (this was later struck down by the supreme court). If MIL does DV on DIL, DIL should file DV on husband!!!! God forbid, if women are allowed to be respondents, then MIL will collude with son and abuse justice and persecute DIL - again does not make any sense!!! Shows clearly the intention of the law makers.

3. Right to residence - in all other countries, if woman complaints of DV, she is given shelter in an unknown location. The address of shelter homes is hidden even from Google. If a woman is complaining about DV, it should be the RESPONSIBILITY of the state to separate her from the accused. Makes sense if the partner is really abusive. In India residence rights are given in the same house. WHAT!!! I’m sure the women asking for this relief are abusers themselves and are using making effective use of this law to harass the husband. Otherwise why would they want to go back to the same place.

4. definition of DV - when it comes to definition of DV, in all other countries, continuous and sustained abuse needs to be present. One-off remarks made when angry cannot constitute DV. In India, one has to walk on egg shells to avoid saying things that will constitute DV.

I have no idea how a sane/fair person could have framed such laws but it shows the abysmal ignorance and stupidity of India as a country to have accepted this piece of trash as the law of the land.

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Its drafted by Sadists, Pathetic, mental, miserable Divorced Feminists group called LIER COLLECTIVE

its for young Daughter-out-laws only

Sisters of Man, or his Mother were not included in earlier version of PWDVA

actually speaking those who drafted it, wrote something uptopia, its not law at all, as they are not considering their own kind Mother and sisters as Women at all. its totally one side for specific group only.

Still law makers of Indian Judiciary take it as law, as they think they are doing justice to Daughter-out-laws by denying justice to Sister/Mother in laws

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  1. That makes me wonder why aren't politicians who passed this as law held accountable? Why aren't they getting asked about this in public and in media? What would it take to reverse and repeal such laws in the country? 
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VOTE BANK bhai vote Bank.

For Politicians this law will not apply, even Politician Desert their wife and not paying ALIMONY make them national HERO, but if a common man is not paying maintenance then SC/HC/Family courts/WCD/NCW take suo moto against him.

yesterday Allahabad court said Cow should be NATIONAL ANIMAL, save her protect her, but man has no right live in India. at the same time, Politicians said in Kerala and North east of India that they will make beef available if BJP elected to power. that shows Double standard of these Politicians.

For Vote, Money and name they can do anything even kill innocent MEN


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