SAMPLE DP3 – Use Daughter FIR against Parents

Date: 20/01/2012

Superintendent of Police,
Office of the Superintendent of Police

Your Name and Address

Subject: Reporting cognizable offence under CrPc / u/s 3 of DP Act.

This is in reply to the your RTI reply [GNL1/411/RTI/oo g/11] received by me on 17/01/2012, For my Complaint dated 9th December 2011 by Registered post number RK437573277IN and followed by RTI filled with APIO of xxx Police on 27/12/2011 through xxx District Police HQ.

Grounds for this complaint

Ms. Sunita (D/o Out laws name and address) in her FIR statement submitted before the Manickpur Police, Vasai (Thane–Maharashtra) and Honorable Civil Court of Vasai, swears that parents had given a dowry in the form of Gold at the time of marriage with myself in 1997.

Above mentioned allegation of giving dowry, though denied by myself taking it, is a cognizable offence under Section 3 of Dowry Protection Act 1961[DP3].

In my earlier Complaint I requested to File Charge sheet on Dowry Givers; but xxx Police refused to take any action citing Section 7(3) of Dowry Protection Act, and asked me to approach Vasai Police.

Matter of Fact, Marriage was held at yyyy town, so jurisdiction falls under yyyy town Police, not with xxx Police, nor zzzz Police.

Ms.Sunita In her Statement wrote that she acknowledging her parents gave Gold in marriage, This immunity, however, is inadequate and does not specifically cover the parents / relatives of the Diana Sunita. So police can not dismiss my complaint citing Section 7(3) of Dowry Protection Act.

Ms.Sunita nowhere said I demanded Dowry before or at the time of Marriage. But she only says her parents gave Gold at the time of marriage; So Cognizable offence was committed by them first and I am the Aggrieved person under Dowry Protection Act 1961

In one word Section 7(3) of the Act will not apply to them. Nor there is any Evidence of taking dowry from them by me; Out of their complaint under Section 4 of Dowry Protection Act 1961 on me, so far no offence was made out, nor I am charged with, so I am innocent till proved Guilty.

Having said that, I hereby request you to kindly take cognizance of above mentioned criminal offence and proceed to register FIR immediately against Smt.Sunita’s parents for giving dowry u/s 3 of DP Act and by abiding by Rule 2 of Dowry Protection Act, 1985.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name

I. FIR copy.

Cc: Dy. Commissioner, Udupi District.
IGP, Western Range.
Lokayukta – Mangalore

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