Prenuptial Agreement Sample


This AGREEMENT is made on 2nd of May, 2009, between WIFE NAME (hereinafter referred to as “Wife”), who lives at (some Address) 13th Street, Opp Public Toilet, Mahim khadi Mumbai and HUSBAND NAME (hereinafter referred to as “Husband”), who resides at (some Address) Flat No: 420, Next to Kamleela Vadapao shop, Opp State mental hospital, Delhi.

WHEREAS, Husband and wife (hereinafter referred to as “we”), we decided to marry on 31st May of 2009, We mutually agree not to annoy, harass, with each other in any manner for below said facts.

[ Replace *1, *2, *3 as per your requirement]

WHEREAS, we mutually agreed to make our own 2 each rings, for engagement and wedding. *1

WHEREAS, Husband himself agreed to pay all the expenses of marriage, including food, video, invitation cards and denied to take any stridhan for his wife. And he himself ready to give 35grams gold neckles, 25grams of 2 gold bangles and 6grams of 2 ear rings for wedding day, and it will be in wife custody thereafter. *2

WHEREAS, This marriage is totally dowryless and there was no dowry demand, or no dowry was given or taken whatsoever. *3

We, husband and wife, acknowledge that each of us has entered into this agreement in good faith, without any duress or undue influence, nor forced by anyone. We fully understand the facts in this agreements which will help us in leading happy married life.
Signed and dated 2nd of Apr, 2009.

__________________________ _______________________________
Husband’s Signature Witness for Husband

__________________________ _______________________________
Wife’s Signature Witness for Wife

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